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June 20
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birthday cake by Chibivillecute

Lets take a time to celebrate those who were born in June!

:iconfrantices: frantices on the 1st

Summer Breeze by frantices My dream by frantices Sakura by frantices

:iconfrozenviolinist: FrozenViolinist on the 2nd

X-men OC: Desire/Atlanta by FrozenViolinist Aurora Borealis by FrozenViolinist Frozen: Elsa - Portrait by FrozenViolinist

:iconmadly9: madly9 on the 2nd

Sleeping Nikkee by madly9 Raven by madly9

:iconniophee: Niophee on the 2nd

close to the forest III by Niophee on fire by Niophee mistery III by Niophee

:iconzylund: Zylund on the 2nd

Rot by Zylund Trying to Sleep Here by Zylund Hide and Seek by Zylund

:iconbrokenheartreaperx: BrokenHeartReaperX on the 3rd

Kitty Adoptable  1 by BrokenHeartReaperX Bubble Gum Tea Adoptable by BrokenHeartReaperX Shana by BrokenHeartReaperX

:iconchaosfay: ChaosFay on the 3rd

 Aryiea Art Trade and Contest Entry by ChaosFay Simple brown and blue Star of David necklace by ChaosFay Forest by the Sea by ChaosFay

:iconimoexploder007: ImoExploder007 on the 3rd

Commission #12: FFVII Chibi: OrionFantasy: by ImoExploder007 Falus by ImoExploder007 Commission #11: Drunken Party::xXBloodyLunaXx by ImoExploder007

:iconjoyfool: Joyfool on the 3rd

<da:thumb id="454637489"/> <da:thumb id="456837308"/> <da:thumb id="443537877"/>

:iconthe-tiger-thief: The-Tiger-Thief on the 3rd

Bay Of Naples by The-Tiger-Thief Best Friends by The-Tiger-Thief The Colosseum by The-Tiger-Thief

:iconsnowmishibari: SnowMishibari on the 4th

commission for Orionvonfox by SnowMishibari Happy birthday Chimino! by SnowMishibari Misogi by SnowMishibari

:iconvibey: Vibey on the 4th

Kemonomimi Adoptable RAFFLE CLOSED by Vibey CA Ashwen by Vibey Riley by Vibey

:iconpoweredbycokezero: PoweredByCokeZero on the 6th

Kilt by PoweredByCokeZero Queen by PoweredByCokeZero Unicorns by PoweredByCokeZero

:iconhoshitsu: hoshitsu on the 6th

European Peacock butterfly v2 by hoshitsu Parent love by hoshitsu Colours of spring by hoshitsu

:iconmoonstone27: Moonstone27 on the 6th

Lets Plant A Tree by Moonstone27 Rennie's Wedding Dress by Moonstone27 Easter Egg Hunt by Moonstone27

:iconxxangelswingsx: XxAngelsWingsX on the 6th

Chibi Wild Dog.:Commission:. by XxAngelsWingsX Random Spider by XxAngelsWingsX <da:thumb id="461945025"/>

:iconicelaws: IceLaws on the 7th

UnW: Yerr a Wizard Jenn by IceLaws Flower Circus: Sasha by IceLaws RAFFLE: ReversedClock! by IceLaws

:iconnala15: Nala15 on the 7th

Twin Kings - Commission by Nala15 Greedy She-Monster - Commission by Nala15 Shiva - Headshot for StarBlazeKirara by Nala15

:iconsassie-kay: sassie-kay on the 7th

OC - Yoshiro by sassie-kay Midori - Gift by sassie-kay My FFXIV toon by sassie-kay

:iconsolbrandz: SolBrandz on the 7th

Legend of Zelda- Link by SolBrandz Raven by SolBrandz Portrait by SolBrandz

:iconvinterprinsessa: Vinterprinsessa on the 7th

The Post-apocalyptic Doll and the Chair by Vinterprinsessa Striped Hat and Button Choker by Vinterprinsessa Coghead by Vinterprinsessa

:iconchocoholicaddiction: chocoholicaddiction on the 8th

My First Commission ^_^ by chocoholicaddiction Sunday afternoon =) by chocoholicaddiction Kagamine Rin by chocoholicaddiction

:iconj-u-d-a-s: J-u-d-a-s on the 10th

Oculus by J-u-d-a-s S p a w N by J-u-d-a-s Nobody's Fool by J-u-d-a-s

:iconlayaboutjoe: LayaboutJoe on the 13th

Blue by LayaboutJoe Lan Su Yuan 14 of 33 by LayaboutJoe Portland Japanese Garden 20 of 28 by LayaboutJoe

:iconblodarn: Blodarn on the 13th

Fred by Blodarn Joanie (less nude sorta) by Blodarn Neon and Mitzi by Blodarn

:iconbrightstar2: BrightStar2 on the 15th

Integrity is Forever by BrightStar2 The Soul Needs Beauty by BrightStar2 You Light Up My Life by BrightStar2

:iconpuddlefisher: puddlefisher on the 15th

 Bear Steak by puddlefisher Raiden by puddlefisher Isaac 2 by puddlefisher

:iconproxi-mity: proxi-mity on the 16th

first watercolor landscape by proxi-mity Adagio by proxi-mity we are only an accident of stars by proxi-mity

:iconkaikainat: KaiKainat on the 17th

<da:thumb id="461887580"/> <da:thumb id="458721044"/> <da:thumb id="445263334"/>

:iconmoggy2007: moggy2007 on the 17th

Prize for Salokorai by moggy2007 Sakura Haruno by moggy2007 Pony Ride (Again!? Really!?) [Contest Entry] by moggy2007

:iconlinneaphoto: linneaphoto on the 18th

Rana temporaria by linneaphoto Land's End by linneaphoto Long-eared Owl by linneaphoto

:iconcoffeenoir: coffeenoir on the 19th

YinYang by coffeenoir Goose by coffeenoir Sharing the View by coffeenoir

:iconlust0fadeeperpain: Lust0fADeeperPain on the 20th

Twin Firs by Lust0fADeeperPain Blue-2 by Lust0fADeeperPain  Mystic emotions
In the darkness of my soul
my face is locked away
though you stare into my eyes
im not he person that I portray
hidden behind the walls of my heart
where no one will ever see me
safely protected within my dungeon
where only I possess the key
Deep dark and mystic
bottled feelings lay
in unreachable places
of a secret passage way
concealed love unrevealed dreams
minding the riches of the heart and soul
behind inaccesible doors
which no one will ever find
Mystic emotions
my true inner self
sitting all alone
like dust upon a shelf
all my life there was no one
to share my love or dreams
so i'll take my emotions to the grave
from my deepest joys to painful screams

:iconshiguretheprotector: ShigureTheProtector on the 20th

:. A Glorious Morning .: by ShigureTheProtector :. Why am I here...? .: by ShigureTheProtector :. Let It Out. : (trade) by ShigureTheProtector

:iconayshaarts: AyshaArts on the 21st

Subtle dreams by AyshaArts Two Humming Birds by AyshaArts Guardian Of The Sea Dragons by AyshaArts

:icongeorge---kirk: George---Kirk on the 21st

Summer Heat by George---Kirk Cambridge University Botanical Gardens by George---Kirk A special day by George---Kirk

:iconcheesycorn: Cheesycorn on the 24th

HBD Andrea by Cheesycorn Kagepro - The Color of Heroes by Cheesycorn SnK - Annie by Cheesycorn

:iconacrowscollection: ACrowsCollection on the 30th

Prototype Ribbon Bangle by ACrowsCollection Red and Gold Spear Earrings by ACrowsCollection Egyptian good luck stone ring by ACrowsCollection

Happy birthday all!

Please go give them some dA love Party


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